Celtic Grace Band is a highly experienced talented Irish traditional musical group with a key background in Gospel and Contemporary Music.

The current line-up evolved under the inspired leadership of Tom Dalton from epic performances during Culture Week in Bray in 2015. The event was hosted by the legendary bodhran player and Bray resident- Ronan O’Snodaigh-(Cultural Ambassador for that year) who was both fulsome in his praise and encouraging and supportive in the formation of the band.

With these solid foundations on powerful musical influences, Celtic Grace Band have blended into a unique combination. In this cyber age of streaming and downloading music, a ‘Live’ Celtic Grace Band performance creates a lively unique ‘living the moment’ atmosphere, reflecting and celebrating life’s happy or comic occasions. Hence, they have played across a range of weddings, benefit gigs and corporate events and have performed at a variety of venues across the Wicklow/Dublin area.

Vocals, Bodhrán

Tom Dalton is the charismatic ‘front-of-house’ man who generates warmth and energy to set the scene creating a lively welcoming atmosphere at the onset. As a vocalist (who also plays the bodhrán) his interpretation and rendition of old classics such as ‘House of the Rising Sun’ and ‘CarrickFergus’ are a joy to listen to (or join in the chorus).

Vocals, Guitar, Tin-whistle

The talented Veronica Dolan is a vocalist who accompanies herself on guitar (as well as tin-whistle and bodhrán) playing a wide range of songs beautifully. In particular, her gentle rhythms and soulful rendition of the Gospel song ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ is awesome, as it evokes all the joys, sorrows and hopes for this world and the next.

Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Bert Vesey could best be described as the ‘true blues-man’ of the group. When he blends his vocals, guitar and harmonica to deliver such Sixties songs as ‘Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon’ &  ‘Summertime’ - he truly manages to musically encapsulate the simple joys of this wonderful summer of 2018.

Vocals, Banjo, Guitar

John Dwyer who in addition to singing a broad range of material is an excellent musician on banjo and guitar. His speciality is humorous old Dublin ditties (echoing the authentic style and substance of the late Frank Harte) especially in the hilarious sing ‘The Portugee’ which is guaranteed to bring the house down with laughter.